No one should live in fear of violence and abuse

In Brazil there are 606 Cases of violenceAND 164 cases of rape a day 50% Of those are girls under the age of 13

A Partnership that offers hope and opportunity

The Caring Family Foundation is delighted to announce our new partnership with Brazilian non-profit organisation Bem Querer Mulher; an incredible program based in Sao Paulo, focussing on the needs of women and children suffering and escaping from Domestic Abuse.

We felt it was vital to offer our support; and help with the life-saving work that BQM does in supporting victims of Domestic Abuse in Brazil’s most critically in need communities. With help through the Bem Querer Mulher victim care centres, counselling and legal advice and education and future employment training schemes, we hope to break the cycle of shame and fear and help build strength and confidence, empowering women to rebuild their lives and become independent away from their abuser.

Funding a safe place to seek refuge

Our funding will provide a third victim care centre, offering women in real danger a safe place to seek refuge. Within this centre we can connect the victims of physical and mental fear with BQM community support workers, legal advice, counselling and skills training. To offer hope and opportunity to live the lives they deserve.

Domestic violence takes lives and ruins lives

affecting one woman in four in the UK at some point in her life

He left me in a shivering
wreck on the ground
Every 30 Seconds

police receive a call for help relating to domestic abuse in the UK.

Abused women often experience conflicting emotions such as fear, anger, shame, resentment, sadness and powerlessness. It takes huge strength to live with an abusive partner. Women have to adopt all kinds of coping strategies to survive and protect themselves and their children each day.

Children 950,000

across the UK are affected by domestic abuse, either directly as victims of violence, or indirectly in terms of witnessing violence

In relationships where there is domestic violence and abuse, children witness about three-quarters of the abusive incidents. About half the children in such families have themselves been beaten. Sexual and emotional abuse are also more likely to happen in these families.

The Caring Family Foundation funding supports projects in both the UK and Brazil. We focus on awareness and grant giving to local partners and organisations whose work on the ground will be most effective and immediately impact those truly in need.